Seal’s Crazy Production and Arrangement Secrets – How Trevor Horn Produced a Huge Hit

Seal and Trevor Horn perform CRAZY live!

Seal and Trevor Horn perform CRAZY live!

Seal's Crazy Production and Arrangement Secrets - How Trevor Horn Produced a Huge Hit is a case study of techniques that were used to make a highly successful pop rock track in 1991.This is a must-see video if you're interested in learning how to improve your production and arrangement of songs.

I cover many essential topics in song production, such as:- why great producers pay close attention to the song title and lyrics- which vocal techniques and special fx to use to enhance ​meaning- how to use a wah pedal, flanger and chorused guitar as special effects- effective use of ostinatos and arpeggios in the digital age- buildups and breakdowns in dynamics- transitions - how many scenes should a pop song have?


Click on this link to get your FREE Excel spreadsheet SONG ARRANGER TEMPLATE! (This is an incredible technique to give your songs better structure, organization and cohesiveness for all your tracks!) To access and download the FREE Song Arrangement Spreadsheet Template discussed in the video, please click on this link:  

Guitarists will appreciate the chord studies in the video, as I use chord diagrams from to walk you through key progressions from the song. You may not have seen or played some of these chords before!

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​An abridged version of this video (with the whole song playing in the background) may be accessed by clicking on this link.

 Case study: scene-by-scene analysis of Seal's hit song CRAZY - there's alot going on here! This is a long video, so I included a time-based index to important segments (that you can click on for quick access) - this timeline is clickable under the YouTube video on my channel.  To go to the video, please click on this link.

0:01 Introduction

1:35 Song arranger template (Excel spreadsheet blueprint)

2:30 The role of the song producer

3:30 How to break down a song scene-by-scene

5:40 What is song structure?

7:27 Atonality - Schoenberg, Bartok

7:35 Opening chord structure of the song

10:20 Scene 2 - orchestral hit

10:44 Wah pedals

11:54 Scene 3

13:50 Scene 4

14:38 Intro chords for guitar

15:25 Scene 5

16:10 Wah pedal, flange and chorused guitar FX demonstrated

19:08 Verse 1 vocal SFX

20:31 Scene 6

21:32 Verses 1, 2 chords for guitar

23:00 Scene 7 (verses 3,4)

23:53 Guitar chords for scene 7

24:48 Scene 9 - breaking it down a la Peter Gabriel's Rhythm of the Heat

27:00 Werewolves enter afar off in the distance

28:18 Scene 10 guitar chords

29:35 Scene 11

30:38 Scene 11 guitar chords

31:19 Scene 12

31:56 Scene 13

32:30 Scene 14

33:50 Scene 15 and guitar chord diagram

34:59 Scene 16 final resolution?

35:35 Interesting A sus and Em9 chords

36:21 Scene 17, the final scene fades out the song

37:48 Final thoughts and comments


An MP3 of Seal's hit song CRAZY is available at Amazon by clicking on this link.