Ricky Molina is a composer-songwriter from New York City. He performed as lead and rhythm guitarist in musical productions in New York and now focuses on writing original music for songs, independent artists, commercials and film.

Ricky studied guitar in New York City since the age of seven, being widely exposed to classical, jazz, pop and latin music.   ​

Ricky graduated from a top liberal arts college in the U.S. with an A in music composition. After some years working in finance, Ricky returned to his true love -writing music.  He graduated from music and music production schools that focus on the craft of composition, orchestration and midi arranging.

Ricky Molina Muddy Waters and the Beatles

Ricky Molina in his home studio

Ricky is a classical-jazz-pop-rock guitarist with a never-ending passion for the retro sound of classic jazz, bebop and swing. He also loves most rock music from the 70's and 80's, and particularly the dynamic analog recordings of the 70's. Ricky grew up with Latin music in his blood - his mother's South American roots exposed him at a young age to Latin boleros, bossa nova, samba, tango and salsa - and he especially adores songs with sweet guitar arrangements. You can definitely hear the Latin influence in some of his compositions.

In addition to guitar and playing percussion parts, Ricky composes and arranges on midi keyboards, accessing a plethora of synthetic and sampled patches across the sonic spectrum with VSTs and special effects. "Composing on a keyboard is like speaking through another medium," Ricky says, noting that keyboards combine chordal phrases with melody lines in different inversions than guitar. "Things tend to open up and get wider with keyboards," Ricky notes. "They're also more percussive for fast attack transients."

As far as applying new sounds and layers of technology is concerned, Ricky believes that you should always keep an open mind about it, but don't let it overwhelm you. "I try to incorporate technology in a tasteful manner, so that it doesn't dominate a piece, unless it's techno or edm composition where it's obvious. Certainly, today you can't ignore the fact that technology can take you places never dreamed possible - and because there are so many different sounds out there, it's actually more of a challenge to know how to use it than simply having access to it. Much of the material I write is organic, so I try to use technology in such a way that you don't even know it's there. Who knows what Mozart or Beethoven would have written if they had access to DAWs and digital workstations!"

To see a list of programs and plugins that Ricky uses, please check out the Product Reviews section of this web site. Song credits also list equipment, programs and plugins used on tracks. 

You'll find a diverse range of musical taste in Ricky's repertoire - from rock, to jazz, bossa and neo-classical. Ricky composes sync music for YouTube (please visit the Ricky Molina channel to check out his video-music productions), and welcomes the opportunity to write original music for ads, video games and film.  

Ricky is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and publisher, SoundExchange and is the principal of Richard's Media Productions LLC. ​

You can contact Ricky via email at Ricky@RickyMolinaProductions.com​