Knights Prepare for Battle – new Epic Medieval Battle Scene Music by Ricky Molina

Knights Prepare for Battle is a cinematic epic piece written for a battle scene. The knights are preparing for battle, and they engage in fierce fighting. The music ends with a climactic tutti, as the action scene ends. It is written in a minor key, but has a lydian tonal sound, especially at the beginning. There are storm and snare drums but they are not overdone. Horns, winds and string sections also help build the tension in the second half of the piece. The rhythmic pace of the piece is set by pizzicato double bass and viola parts, with percussive interjections made by timpanic storm drums, woodblocks, tambourine, triangle, ratchet effects and harp for the build-up to the battle scene.

Knights Prepare for Battle - Epic Battle Scene Music

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Composition, arrangement, mixing and mastering by Ricky Molina.

Video editing and production by Ricky Molina

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Equipment Used

Vienna Instruments Pro for pizzicato string parts and orchestral percussion.
CineSymphony for legato strings and horns via Motif XF6
Project Sam Orchestral Essentials vol 2 for additional horns and winds and storm drums.
Orchestral Tools harp glissandos.
EZ Drummer for additional percussion parts.


PreSonus Studio One Pro v3.3 DAW

Effects Plugins: Izoptope Neutron, Slate VCC, VTM, Compression, EQ, FG-X, EZMix2, PreSonus ProEQ and multi-strip eq/compression.


Ricky Molina is a member of ASCAP as a songwriter and publisher and SoundExchange. Registration code: 1706222674348
ISRC QZ6931700008

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